Vibro Feeder

Industrial Vibratory Feeder

Heavy duty Industrial Vibratory Feeder have welded construction, which transmits vibrations without fatigue. They are built for continuous operation. Each vibro feeder utilizes the forces set up by two synchronized, counter-rotating, heavy-duty, unbalanced Vibratory Motors, which are firmly fixed to the Feeder trough, in a specific angle to the feeding level. Feeders with unbalanced drives, vibrate freely on a support spring which is insulated against vibration transmission to base frame. This result in a straight line, push-pull, linear, oscillating motion.



The fact that the motors are synchronized and in balance with one another, eliminate the isolation problems normally associated with simple brute force single eccentric drives systems. Unbalanced Motor drives are economical conveying means for all bulk materials.


They are used where products are to be fed either continuously or in batches as for instance:

  • Discharging bulk materials from bins
  • Feeding crushers, mixers, furnaces and scales
  • Feeding conveyor-belts
  • Bucket-elevators and vibratory screens
  • Loading and sorting plants


Compared with other conveying means vibratory feeders have low energy consumption and cause little pollution. They are wear resistant and thus do not influence the quality and character of the product they handle.


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